Quick introduction of myself:
My name is Edwin and i'm boosting World of warcraft and fortnite here for Proboosting.com.
I speak and write fluent swedish/english.

Multi rank 1 Rogue and Rank 1 Feral
3100+ experience in World of warcraft 3v3
2900+ experience in World of warcraft 2v2

In fortnite i started early and had 40% winratio in both duo/squads after 1-2 months of playing.
I got currently slightly over 1000 games on main account on fortnite.

My goal is to always deliver the best quality service with decent speed!

If you enjoyed having me as a booster/coach you type code with: 8986 to have me as booster, See you there!

Thanks to proboosting.com for having me as a booster here.

Boosts in: Fortnite, World of Warcraft Boosting
Orders Completed: 37
Recent Orders: 2
Last Active: 9 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (17 reviews)

If you want Edwin to be your booster, type 8986 when you choose the booster for your order

Edwin's Reviews:

Wow wish I could be that good last win survived with 2 hp really am glad to be able to play with such nice and pro people

Very fast, very nice and very good will recommend again thanks.

simple and awesome

100% recommend this guy, he is really good and has good tips.

Very good service in a decent time