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Hello my name is Alexander. I have a 6300 + solo rating.I started playing DotA in 2013.Also I have 2+years boost experience.I am a calm and stable booster.I play an average of 8-12 games, so its about 200 - 300 MMR per day.Im boosting range 1-6000MMR with 80-90%winrate.My prefer roles mid/carry also i play offlane.I have pull more than 15 heroes .In all games, I try to give my best and always try to improve my level of play.You can choose me if you want a stable and fast boost.

Boosts in: Dota 2

If you want Alexandr to be your booster, type 7804 when you choose the booster for your order

Alexandr's Reviews:

Dota 2 MMR Boost
rollingboy boosted by Alexandr from 3708 to 3868

again great service

Dota 2 MMR Boost
rollerboy boosted by Alexandr from 3608 to 3708

ok seriously this guy is the man :D

first of all

I wanted sea server specific booster and this guy took my order i am very thankful for that .


man of few words but action packed player :D

i will choose him again, pretty much says everything :D

Dota 2 MMR Boost
Mr V boosted by Alexandr from 2000 to 2694

Great booster. Watch his games is very useful. You can see how he do the thing, many of his actions are truly pro. 95% win rate, game time average 25-30m... very fast.

Dota 2 Calibration Matches
Konrad boosted by Alexandr for 4 matches


Dota 2 Calibration Matches
l boosted by Alexandr for 10 matches

best booster ever calibration 10 games from div 2 to div 5 !

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