Hi, I have been a huge league of legend supporter for the longest. I have played the game since beta and played rank since season 1. I have a vast pool of knowledge of the game and is always kept up to date with the game. I spend roughly around 6-10hrs daily on the game and really hoping to get a chance to work for you guys. Been Diamond+ since season 1, I'm free all day and night so my hours are very flexible. I have boost players from Silver 2 - Diamond 5 and many others. I am really looking foward to working with you guys. I boost fast and efficient and can play every champion. I can give you pointers to help improve your gameplay and play any champion you like me to play without an issue.

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If you want Khang to be your booster, type 7779 when you choose the booster for your order

Khang's Reviews:

Completed my order quickly and got S and S+ ratings consistently.

Man, oh man. I created this order 4 days before the season ended. And he got it done very fast. With like a what? 80+% win rate. Insanely good job.

fast and responsive. thank you so much!

Khang once again helped me! Thanks for keeping me updated I hope to work with you again soon!

Very Quick! nice individual!