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Hello ! My name is Mateusz. Im 19 years old and i live in Poland. I have been playing League of Legends since early Season 2. I was Challenger Season 6,7 and im also Challenger right now. My main roles are top, mid and jungle. My main champions are Camille, Xin, Graves and Ekko. I will always stay polite and not talk to annyone in your friend list I am not supposed to. I can communicate in English or Polish. I always try to finish my work as quickly as possible. Your safety and your time is the most important for me.

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Mateusz to be your booster, type 7538 when you choose the booster for your order

Mateusz's Reviews:

LoL Placement Matches
rene boosted by Mateusz for 4 Games

Won 4/4 :)

Elo Division Boost
Gabe boosted by Mateusz from Platinum 1 to Diamond 5

Easy and clean

ELO Wins Boost
Guus boosted by Mateusz for 1 Wins at Bronze 1

Was a good en fast game ganks alot en know what he is dowing very happy

ELO Wins Boost
Cem boosted by Mateusz for 1 Wins at Diamond 5

Watched him on op.gg, he DESTROYED the enemy team gg mate

Elo Division Boost
Sam boosted by Mateusz from Gold 3 to Platinum 5

Mateusz is honestly such a great booster... Safe, fast, and so kind. I'm definitely getting him to boost me again later! ++rep

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