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Hello, my name is Maximilien. I’m a French student and I play Fortnite and overwatch. I have one hundred hours played on Fortnite and more than 250 top 1 in solo versus section. I play on Overwatch since the beta and I’ve always been top 100 or better for each season. I’m a console player but maybe one day, I’ll switch on Computer. I prefer solo boosts but sometimes I like to play with customers to give them some trick

Boosts in: Overwatch, Fortnite

If you want Maximilien to be your booster, type 6539 when you choose the booster for your order

Maximilien's Reviews:

Overwatch Placement Matches
Panda boosted by Maximilien for 10 matches

Fast and professional player
This is second time I work with her, insane aim MCCREE ..

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Avery boosted by Maximilien from 3000 to 3564

Amazing booster!! Very very fast! Boosted my account over 500 sr in only a few hours before the season ended!!

Overwatch Rank Boosting
stian boosted by Maximilien from 3954 to 4003

again, great guy and perfect boost

Zinedine ZIdane of gaming!

Overwatch Placement Matches
stian boosted by Maximilien for 10 matches

amazing guy!
viva la france!:)

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Rico boosted by Maximilien from 2807 to 2921

Very fast didn't take much time thank you

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