Hey my name is Evgen from Ukraine. I am Eune/EUW Challenger player, I've been playing League Of legends since season 1.
I have been boosting in League of Legends for 7 years now(5 years for boost)
I prefer solo boosting or duoq games, I can boost up to D1 in EUNE/EUW and Platinum 5 in NA.
Play 16-18 hour per day.
-Bronze 5 - Silver 5 1-3 days
-Silver 5 - Gold V 1-4 days
-GOLD V - Plat V 2-4 days
-Plat V - Diamond V 3-6 days
*It can vary depending on runes and your MMR.

Boosts in: League of Legends
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If you want Evgen to be your booster, type 4969 when you choose the booster for your order

Evgen's Reviews:

good boosting

Fast,quick, and basically never lost.

Really fast, ty :O

This guy is simple amazing. Best counter jungle I have ever seen and also a great person. Nice too meet you and I hope that we can play together again in the future.

Este tío es simplemente espectacular. El mejor counter jungla que he visto, además de ser genial como persona. Encantado de haberlo conocido y espero que podamos jugar de nuevo juntos en el futuro.

Great boost was even faster than the last time only lost about 3 games :D