Greetings, My name is Jacob. I have been playing video games since my young age. For me, FPS and MOBAS have always been something I adore. I'm also a former Cs and TF2 player. In what relates to Overwatch, it is a game I really enjoy at any level. Competitive and casual are for me a way to express my dominance in any map. I watch a lot of pro's scrim and tourneys so I'm up to date in the actual meta. Ask my anything! .Back in pre-season / season 1, was top zarya by far on masteroverwatch. I can do boost/coach in french too. :)
Actually studying in programming. Cheers! hope to see you soon

ps : anything belows diamond takes me usually a day. and master/gm 2-3 days depending on the games

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Jacob's Reviews:

Fast and very communicative.

super nice guy and insane fast quality service!

nice guy

Great coaching, positive attitude, great communication with myself and other teammates - lots of fun!