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My name is Wei. I'm a Top 200 Overwatch booster. I can speak both Chinese and English. I had many experiences boosting people from different elo. So I know exactly the difference between different elo, while I'm playing with you, I will be able to tell you the problems and how to deal with different problems in different situations. I can make any accounts to Grand Master within one day if I do have time. So I'm pretty efficient, too. I have many accounts above 4000 SR. I play different roles on different accounts, so basically, I main everything! Feel free to ask for my service. You will like me!

Boosts in: Overwatch

If you want Wei to be your booster, type 3397 when you choose the booster for your order

Wei's Reviews:

Overwatch Duoqueue Games
James boosted by Wei for 6 Games at 1886

Great booster to duoQ with. Super nice & very very good & helpful.

Overwatch Duoqueue Games
James boosted by Wei for 8 Games at 1600

This guy is amazing & with DuoQ he shows up on time.

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Rowdha boosted by Wei from 2083 to 2200

Wei boosted me really quickly, really appreciate it :)

Overwatch coaching
Leo coached by Wei for 2 hours

Amazing! Not harsh, tells you what your messing up in a good way, very friendly and super fun to play with!

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Mario boosted by Wei from 2215 to 3350

Extreamly Fast and Friendly Booster if you want to get your order done

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