Hey, my name is Ben I live in the UK. I've played Rocket League on PC for over 4000 hours now. I play around Champ 3-GC Level. My preference is to solo queue 2s for faster results, but I can play with a customer too if necessary!

I'm also a trained and qualified coach. So if you order a coaching session and put my name down, you will receive something you never imagined before lol.

My playstyle is controlled boost starving into a counter attack. I don't really have any strengths or weaknesses, I'd say that I have a pretty all-rounded and balanced playstyle overall.


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If you want Ben to be your booster, type 3120 when you choose the booster for your order

Ben's Reviews:

Great coach, top quality

Great coach, top quality

Great boosting, reliable

Always recommend this guy, flexible and determined, if you need a RL boost, he is your only man!

Highly skilled player!