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Hey my name is Alexander from Bulgaria. I am Eune/EUW Challenger player, I've been playing League Of legends since the beta and have hit Top 20 ranks many times since then.
I'm mainly boosting League Of Legends and World Of Warcraft.
For League Of legends I prefer solo boosting, I can boost up to D1 in EUNE, D3 in EUW and Platinum 5 in NA, due to high lattency.
For World Of Warcraft I can boost Keys, Dungeons, Raid Mythic and heroics And Any PVE Boosting Also PvP boosting. I always try to finish my orders as soon as possible. I speak English and Bulgarian.

-Bronze 5 - Silver 5 1-3 days
-Silver 5 - Gold V 1-4 days
-GOLD V - Plat V 2-4 days
-Plat V - Diamond V 3-6 days
*It can vary depending on runes and your MMR.

Boosts in: League of Legends, World of Warcraft Boosting

If you want Alexander to be your booster, type 236 when you choose the booster for your order

Alexander's Reviews:

Champion Mastery
Browny boosted by Alexander from level 3 to level 7

fast and good

ELO Wins Boost
Stefan boosted by Alexander for 2 Wins at Bronze 1

friendly nice Booster :)

Elo Division Boost
noah boosted by Alexander from Gold 3 to Gold 2

very niice!

ELO Wins Boost
Julius boosted by Alexander for 1 Wins at Gold 4

very fast and sucessful

LoL Placement Matches
Silver boosted by Alexander for 3 Games

Very fast completion and friendly person. Won 3/3 placement matches for me. Good job and thanks! :)

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