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Hi, my name is Rafa. I an European high Elo LoL player, more less among the best 3000 in Euw Server. I have been playing since 4 years and I improved a lot in season 5. I'm focused on any boost of EUW or EUNE , preferably solo boost or low elo duoq. I'm maining top/mid actually on my main account, but I can auto fill if it's necessary. Here are more less time frames that the boost can take:

Silver V ---> Gold V 2/3 days
Gold V --->Platinum V 3/4 days
Platinum V --->Diamond V 4/5 days
Duo queue always take a bit more time but don't worry it will be finished as fast as possible :D

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Rafa to be your booster, type 1631 when you choose the booster for your order

Rafa's Reviews:

LoL Placement Matches
Linda boosted by Rafa for 7 Games

Nicely done, even tho it wasn't my prefered champ.

Champion Mastery
Anonymus boosted by Rafa from level 4 to level 6

Well ... he did a champion level mastery from 4 to 6 in no time.
Very good booster. Would highly recommend him . very friendly and a good person to talk to. Looking forward to get coached from him :)

Champion Mastery
Linda boosted by Rafa from level 3 to level 6

Very friendly and effective!

Elo Duoqueue Games
Erik boosted by Rafa for 3 Games at Silver 3

Great guy, good player and very polite. Would recommend to anyone

Elo Division Boost
:) boosted by Rafa from Platinum 4 to Platinum 2

Just perfect, really friendly, really god player

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