I've played video games for a rather long time, mainly First Person Shooters but I've probably at least tried most popular titles out there. Superb at most heroes in overwatch, effective at every hero even at the highest level. Mainly I like to play dps/zarya to win games faster and overwhelmingly.
I've been playing the game since first season and top500 ever since with peaks in the single digits ladder wise. Peak sr on about 3-4 accounts is above 4.6k. I'm fast and professional in what I do because I don't like wasting my time or anyone else's time either.

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If you want Kristo to be your booster, type 15859 when you choose the booster for your order

Kristo's Reviews:

Top notch booster, amazing interaction; personable, intelligent. Deserves a raise!

5/5* for Kristo.
I had really bad weeks behind me. Story in short, dont drink and do your placements at the same time. especially not when you finishing a bottle of kraken alone. Kristo just turned the damage what i made in less then one day. His knowledge about the game is amazing, Highly recommended!!!!

Fast and reliable! Would definitely recommend him!!!

Really awesome job! got the job done and was a blast to watch :D