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Hi guys, I'm Bart de Jong.
I'm from the Netherlands.
I can boost on PC and Xbox one.

I've been playing the game since the release of Rocket League on Xbox One and still play it daily and enjoying it. Usually I prefer solo boosts, so I can play with friends and get it done as fast as possible. But I do take duo orders too :) I've been working on Proboosting since the 4th of March,2017.
Usually I finish my orders within a couple or a few hours, depending on the rank you are. Lower ranks like Bronze - Platinum takes around an hour per rank and from Diamond to Grand champion takes around 2 hours per rank.

Boosts in: PUBG, Rocket League

If you want Bart to be your booster, type 1492 when you choose the booster for your order

Bart's Reviews:

Rocket League Seasonal Reward Boosting
Scott boosted by Bart for 5 Champion wins on PC

Was a lot of fun to play 5 games with Bart. It is unbelievable the shots this guy can hit, he is an absolute beast. Definitely would recommend playing with, you're going to have fun and the wins are gonna come easy.

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Jordan boosted by Bart from Diamond III to Champion I on XBox 1

Fast and Reliable. Recommended Highly

Rocket League Seasonal Reward Boosting
Brad boosted by Bart for 2 Champion wins on XBox 1

Second time playing with Bart and still impressed. Super person and highly recommended. Thanks again!!!!

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Brad boosted by Bart from Diamond III to Champion I on XBox 1

Awesome service. Recommend 100%

Rocket League: Placement Matches
Luca boosted by Bart for 7 matches on 3v3 (Standard) ( +20% )

really nice win all match gg :D

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