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My name is Franklin. I am European top 300 PUBG rank booster, I have started playing PUBG since the comes out, mainly focusing on PC. I am focusing on solo and duo boosting although sometimes I decide to play with customers too in squad. I have hit top 100 on my account 3 times, in each format including solo duo and squad. I am performing all kind of boost, I like solo and duo boost though. I speak English and Chinese.
Here are time frames I usually take to boost accounts:
1000th - - top 500 3 hours
top 500 - - top 200 5 hours
top 200 - - top 50 7 hours
SEM - - GNM 3 hours
MGE - - LEM 6 hours

Boosts in: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG

If you want Franklin to be your booster, type 1294 when you choose the booster for your order

Franklin's Reviews:

PUBG Win Boosting
Eden boosted by Franklin for 1 Wins

It was a fast boost and he is cice guy !

PUBG Win Boosting
Jay boosted by Franklin for 3 Wins

Fast with completion.

PUBG Win Boosting
Li-Yang boosted by Franklin for 10 Wins

on time great i would even like him to couch me if he can do so them i will be a loyal customer with you gis I wont say his good because his better then that i will call him great

PUBG Win Boosting
Kevin boosted by Franklin for 4 Wins

Literally the best booster around he played until he finished even though it is midnight and he was tired af, This guy will finish your order like lighting

CS GO Rank Boosting
Claus boosted by Franklin from Gold Nova Master to Master Guardian Elite

Fast boost , Nice guy !

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