Hello, I am Nils a 20 year old professional Rocket League player, who is currently located in Germany.
I was seed 18 with my team in the RLCS last season and achieved the ESL Monthly Elite tag for hitting the finals in an ESL tournament. I am playing Rocket League for about one year now and get better pretty fast. I started playing in Season 3 where i hit Grand Champion on the first try. This is only possible, because i played SARPBC for about 5 years and was one of the best players. I am currently Grand Champion in 2s/3s and also hit the top 100 leaderboard several times.

Since I own no consoles and only a PC, I just have the ability to boost people on the PC platform. This may change later, but I will inform you in this description. But enough about me now.

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to boost you guys. You can feel free to ask me any question about Rocket League. I am always trying to help you improve at the game and tell you how you can perform better.

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If you want Nils to be your booster, type 1119 when you choose the booster for your order

Nils's Reviews:

Super great guy! chill dood foshooo! Much appreciated

wow rly awesome, friendly and very good coach. Would recommend big time!!!

Nice guys, he always play in passe with you, was really cool and fun. see you next time prolly

Nils is a really down to earth coach. He was really direct with his observations, and if you ask him to explain more (like I did), he takes you through it really well. He compliments the things you do well, and helps you get focused up on the areas you need to work on. He also helped me find some training packs for my focus areas which was awesome. Will be recommending him to my friends and will be requesting him in about 2 weeks. If you need someone to be direct coach, go with Nils.