I have been playing League of Legends for 6 years and have been challenging on multiple servers. I can use a variety of champions on LOL. i have 3 years experience in boost. I like dealing with difficult problems and challenges issues. I'm rather serious. I work and can work under high pressure have a good working attitude, customer friendly, non-toxic and completed orders quickly. Please hire me and I will make you pleasure. After I completed the order, if you like me please leave me a review, I will be happy for that. Thanks for reading and thank for hire me.

Boosts in: League of Legends
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If you want Phan to be your booster, type 95874 when you choose the booster for your order

Phan's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Yh boosted by Phan for 8 Games at Bronze 1 - Today

He had fun playing it seems, hard carrying games (duo-q)

Matt boosted by Phan from Silver 1 to Gold 3 - Today

This is the friendliest and funniest booster I have ever come across, by the end of the request, I felt like I had made a really good friend. I will be using you for future boosts and having alot more fun with you.

Peraonality: 10/10
Boost Speed: 10/10
Boost Quality: 10/10

Unknown boosted by Phan from Bronze 2 to Silver 3 - Two days ago

Excellent service and very speedy thanks!

AC boosted by Phan for 10 matches Games - Two days ago

Phan was very quick and efficient in completing the order. Will use again. great gameplay.

Filip boosted by Phan from level 5 to level 6 - 01/07/2020

fast and gituwa