Hello dear customers! I am a booster from Mongolia, 17 years old. It might sound as I am too young to boost accounts but you can be sure that I am a talented player. I usually spam offlane or carry heroes in order to win games easily in quality. About my rank, Immortal 700 in the swings. Also, I truly hope that you all will enjoy my gameplays, also if you got questions regarding about the game, do not hesitate to contact me. I would surely help you to grow up and get better at DotA 2! Best regards!

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If you want Enkhjavkhlan to be your booster, type 9547 when you choose the booster for your order

Enkhjavkhlan's Reviews:

good and professional

Enkhjavkhlan has been fantastic. The journey to boost my account has been very long and I know the parameters I've set were difficult. He stuck through it and played like an absolute mad man (in the best sense). He was constantly in touch with me updating me with what's happening. I am a skeptic in all things, especially when I joined this site. But having Enkhjavkhlan as my booster gave me confidence that work can be done in an honest way. He raised not only my win percentages but my confidence in him as a player that can achieve great things. He is fantastic and saying that is an understatement of how good he is :) Thank you so much man best of luck to everything you do! Youre destined for great things


good player .. recomended