Hello, my name is Jens. I am an european rocketleague player with over 2000 hours. I have got grandchampion on multiple playlists in every season from season three on! I only boost rocketleague on PC, that might change in the future! I prefer doing 2v2 boosts. Also i prefer doing solo boosts as that is much faster. I speak englisch and german aswell. If you want me as booster, use the code 8513 when you are choosing a booster.

Average time stamps:
Bronze I - Champ 2 every rank around 60 minutes
Champ 2 - grandchamp: every rank around 1-2 hours. depends on the day, sometimes i lose a few sometimes i win every single match.

With duo boosts it takes longer for normal. depends which ranks... till c1 we should not lose a single game but at c1 & c2 + its possible to lose games.

Boosts in: Rocket League
Orders Completed: 16
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If you want jens to be your booster, type 8513 when you choose the booster for your order

jens's Reviews:

Thx dude

Amazing. Thanks


Fantastic guy!!! After getting scammed at EloBoostPros he hopped right on the task QUICKLY deranking and starting to play with me, from silver 2 to gold 2 he never lost a match with me 2v2, damn impressed!!!!

Jens is a great person and helped me alot. Would recommend for coaching