Im workinig as booster for a 2 years. Totally playing Heartstone for 3.5 years. My usual working time is 13:00 - 03:00 CET. My preferable decks now are even palladin, odd paladin, odd rogue, tempo mage. But its not a necessary btw. I can work with any tier 1-2 deck that customer got. My personal records: I've finished few times on 28, 37 ranks in EU, 2nd place in hearthstone gathering cafe tournament, few 1st places in Nutsbet tournaments. Average time to do an order is 2-3 days that depends on size of work but i can to go less if i will get lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Boosts in: Hearthstone, World of Tanks
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If you want Denys to be your booster, type 8195 when you choose the booster for your order

Denys's Reviews:

Easy and Safe boost ty ;3

He is just too fkn good.

Fast, efficient and very polite! <3

Awesome job

fast and nice