My name is Miguel. I'm playing Heroes of the Storm since beta and end all seasons at Gran Master. Being an aggressive player I prefer playing assassins and initiators, ,but I'm adaptable and able to fill any role and can provide in depth analysis and guidance for any of them. EAM fighting is much more important in HoTS than in any other MOBA so positioning ,initiating ,knowing when to back off and map objectives are key to winning the game. Usually can secure at least 2 division boost each day, I always try to end as soon as posible your orders :)

Love to do Team League placements, and i always do a good job with them. So, if you dint played them yet, I'm your booster!

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm, Fortnite
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If you want Miguel to be your booster, type 81 when you choose the booster for your order

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went fast without any problems, recommended ^^

Super fast! Awesome Servie Best booster!

Amazing booster, definitely recommend!


this guy is fucking INSANE!