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Hey there,

A humble SEA booster. I've been playing DotA (v6.52) since 2009, and has been playing ever since for the past decade. I can't say I'm the best, but I'm definitely in the top 2000 of SEA region, definitely sufficient for your boosting needs. I speak perfect English, Chinese, and also Malay.

I peak at 6600 MMR before the medal system came in and after medal system it was inflated to 6100 MMR, and now I'm sitting at 6000, give and take.

Low priority removal,
MMR boosting,
DotA account leveling,
Calibration matches,
and some occassional coaching sessions,
I am right here to fulfill all that.

I play around 8-10 games per day especially during weekends when my schedule is much more flexible, that means I can pump around 200+ MMR per day. I would love to work in MMR ranges of 0-6000.

Key-in 8020 to pick me as your booster!

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nice boosting

fast and very good booster! :-)

really good booster!

Fast and without a single defeat!

best booster ever