(LOL) Hello, 18 yo from Poland. Challenger - peak: 600lp, jungle, mid, support main. boosting on NA EUW EUNE RU TR, talkative, funny and calm player, like to playing duos. Coaching is really nice way to get some new experience for you and me, also prety fun :D. OTP zed one day, now playing soo many skillful champions, im down to coach, duo and of course do solo boost x). Not a meta abuser, just a better player, gets d4 with record: 30/2. The biggest names vs i played is probably Rat Irl, ScrubNoob, PowerOfEvil, Yassuo and TFblade. Fell free to assign me: 79098. Hope see you ( ˘ω˘ )

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If you want Ser to be your booster, type 79098 when you choose the booster for your order

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I'll be honest with you guys, Ser is easily one of the best boosters on this site. He's fast, very fast, completed my order in 5 games, 5 wins with perfect scores, he's chill and communicates well with you so you know exactly where you order is at and never fails, not once. If you've managed to get him by chance, then trust me, save his code and come back to him whenever you visit this site. Amazing player, amazing person. 10/10.

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Friendly and fast

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11/10 great man

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marcus boosted by Ser for 5 Wins in Gold 4

Great guy friendly good player thanks