I main Katarina/Ahri/Orianna/Zed/Fizz/Leblanc/Kha'Zix/Graves/Evelynn, I am multirole player, so I can basically play everything well. If you want coaching for assassins, I might not be a bad choice.

Hello, my name is Philip and I am currently Challenger. I live in Denmark, though my parents are Chinese/Vietnamese. I can speak Danish and English fluently, but not more than that, unfortunately. I mostly play mid/jungle but I can play all roles well. I have been playing league on a daily basis since season 3, and I have around 5000+ hours of playtime (Wouldn't surprise me if I had more 1000 of hours than that). I have managed to achieve Master / Challenger with incredibly high win ratios. I have a lot of spare time, so I usually spent my free time on boosting when im available.

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If you want Philip to be your booster, type 7838 when you choose the booster for your order

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fast and clean :)

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well done

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excellent player, good game knowledge