Hi my name is Nenad. Im from Serbia . Im profesional booster, with more than 500 boosts finished successfully. Also im playing professionaly Hearthstone for team Lvlup. My nickname is 1012 . I played more than 20 lans in my close history and placed 1. to 3. in most of them. I love playing Dota 2 and im also boosting that game too, I have 6000 mmr(top 1000 ranked player) and alot of experiance in coaching, aswell in team cometitive games. You can always count on fastest possible boost if you choose me. If you need some boost just contact support and they will contact me . Im 24 years old and im avaible 24/7 can play whole day . Best regards .

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If you want Nenad to be your booster, type 7808 when you choose the booster for your order

Nenad's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Fer boosted by Nenad from 3742 to 3882 - 12/11/2019

Fast and good boosting thanks!

player coached by Nenad for 1 hour - 21/04/2019

He was so nice coach, he drew my attention for several details and he was so elegant presenting his advice.
So recommended if u wanna have a friendly and experienced coach.

J boosted by Nenad for 3 matches - 21/04/2019

After a few beers I popped onto this site and placed an on order for ten matches of calibration (Dota 2). I got an instant reply from Nenad who guided me through how to let him take control of my account and went to bed

I was impressed that Nenad listend to all of my requests such as playing on a specific server and playing a specific hero. I managed to catch a little of him streaming my matches and was also impressed that how much he cared, for example, in one game that was hard I could see his frustration but could tell that he really wanted to win for me.

I calibrated at a higher mmr than previous. Most importantly my acount was safe throughout. I would definately recommend Nenad if you want to pay to win some games. Just be prepared to explain the rampages on your feed, to your friends ;)

Eric coached by Nenad for 1 hour - 17/04/2019

very good

Guilherme coached by Nenad for 2 hours - 15/04/2019

About 2 hours of coach anda i think i have improved. Looking forward to test what i learn.