Hello there, to everyone that is interested in getting tft boost :). My name is Simeon and I have been a tft booster since July 2019. At first I didn't feel like playing tft at all but actually started to like it more than the summoner rift. Finished Diamond 1 on 2 accounts the beta season of tft and now I am Grandmaster on 2 accounts. I will do your tft boosts with pleasure! If you are wondering till where I can get you, the answer is Diamond 1 without a problem, given a bit more time, master/grandmaster as well :)

Boosts in: Teamfight Tactics
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If you want Simeon to be your booster, type 77190 when you choose the booster for your order

Simeon's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

kevin boosted by Simeon from Bronze 4 to Platinum 1 - 22/03/2020

Ty très bon booster je recommande fortement je reviendrais merci beaucoup

Janurz boosted by Simeon from Platinum 3 to Platinum 2 - 20/02/2020

this guy is op and fast ty

OldBoy boosted by Simeon from Bronze 1 to Silver 3 - 16/02/2020

Thank you for your service!!!

Fast and friendly person!

Keep it up!

Maxey boosted by Simeon from Bronze 3 to Bronze 1 - 13/02/2020

Awesome Person.
Very fast an friendly.

Thank you!!!

See you next time

SideStepo boosted by Simeon for 4 matches - 11/02/2020

Awesome work!!!
Very fast!
And very friendly :)