My name is Marat. I am top 100 of EU Rainbow Six Siege player . I have started playing since Operation Blood Orchid, mainly focusing on PC and EU but I can play on NA. I am focusing on Solo boost.I am reached diamond 6 times and this season reached champion!I use NO HACKS and GLITCHES or anything else that would be against the rules of fair play or to compromise your account in any way.If you want to be boosted by me you will be satisfied by result!Feel free to use the code'' 75374 '' for me to boost you

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If you want Marat to be your booster, type 75374 when you choose the booster for your order

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getting.boosted boosted by Marat from Copper I to Bronze II - Yesterday

110% would recommend , if I had more money I would buy it straight again, but im broke so ill save up.

Sam boosted by Marat for 2 Wins in Platinum 2 - Yesterday

Great booster! Fast and really helpful!

Vinter boosted by Marat for 3 Wins in Platinum 2 - Two days ago

Perfect , nice boosting my KD a lot

ryan boosted by Marat from Gold III to Platinum III - Three days ago

Very fast and efficient best booster ever thanks

Zachery boosted by Marat for 2 Wins in Platinum 3 - Three days ago

great fast booster