Hello, my name is Kacper and i am a booster from Poland. Playing League of Legends since season 3. I used to main every role except support but now im playing mostly jungle and sometimes mid. I complete orders pretty fast but depends on your mmr, my main champs are khazix and vladimir. Im serious addicted and able to carry every game with them, so feel free to request me in your orders! Im motivated booster and want to make you happy while hitting your desired division in all seasons! To truly know someone, eat them and walk a mile in their feet.

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If you want Kacper to be your booster, type 7537 when you choose the booster for your order

Kacper's Reviews:

Awesome service! Can highly recommend. Winning everything and balancing KDA!

Really fast, good booster!!! Thank you.

noice player

Fast and effectiv :)

really fast