I am a master euw player and I have been so for the past 2 seasons. I mainly play ADC but can play anything but support which I'm not the best at :)). I can properly boost at any ello till d1 and all the other options from this site that are League of Legends related (including duo boosting and so on). All boosts will be done in 1-2 days and the short ones will be done in the same day. Hopefully we will have a nice time and will you will come back here in the future for the best services from out there. (booster code: 74382 - if u want to get me use this)

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If you want Salade to be your booster, type 74382 when you choose the booster for your order

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Best smurf

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Salade is a very friendly and skillfull booster, I have had lot of fun playing with him and also won many games of course :). So I definitely recommend him as your first choice of booster!

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Fast and clean

jimmmy boosted by Salade from level 5 to level 7

Very fast and great service

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Verry good ! (Siver 4 -> Gold4)