Hi I'm from Germany and play rainbow already since the beta since the season 3 diamond and am also active in the ESL I am currently the IGL in the team and try my best always to get better. Rainbow is the first game I play something more serious. Otherwise have a long time WoW played and other games. This is the first time I have been working in the Boosting area.And I will do my best to get the job done. I am always open to suggestions for improvement and i thank you for your attention and have fun in the ranked. I do my best for your order. Fast start and fast is for me very important. Im a friendly player.

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If you want Ron to be your booster, type 6874 when you choose the booster for your order

Ron's Reviews:

Super nice booster, was very flexible when finding appointments to be able to play together.


Very nice person and even fast

Super nice booster, and did a hell of a job

He is very nice and fast !