Hello there.
Im proffesional Apex Legends booster. Im ranked top 1,5k (predators). I can help you guys with any orders you require. I have long history working as a booster, much experience, so I can guarantee you will be satisfied with my services. Im working hard without making any mistakes, trying to finish your order soon as possible. Im well-mannered guy, respectful, so communication will not be a problem with me. You can request for me, being your new booster with booster code below. Kind regards for all of you and thank you for your time to reading this.

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Valorant
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If you want Marko to be your booster, type 68142 when you choose the booster for your order

Marko's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Andres boosted by Marko from Diamond 2 to Diamond 3 - 22/10/2020

Pretty good!

Bapel boosted by Marko from Bronze IV to Platinum IV - 12/09/2020

Great booster, fast, nice and very understanding!

Vinter boosted by Marko from Gold 3 to Platinum 1 - 23/07/2020

Very good

SBG boosted by Marko from Gold III to Gold I - 28/03/2020

Great booster and friendly! A+++

Alexandre boosted by Marko from Silver I to Gold IV - 22/03/2020

Good booster