Hello there! I Play almost any jungler but mainly play nidalee/khazix/lee/ww. My secondary role is generally AD where I play whatever is meta there. I occasionally play some Riven as well! I can play most roles to platinum with high win rates though. My peak rank was masters in season 6 where I got it twice. I am committed to this game and learning everything I can learn from it! I really want to get challenger this season if possible if not definitely be back to masters and getting some LP under my belt so I can make the climb to challenger as soon as possible! I will do my best to win for you!

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Ryan's Reviews:

Hearthstone Boosting - Get the boost to legend in Hearthstone

Very quick 15 wins.


Ryan was an excellent booster. He's an high- elo jungler that can solo carry the team to a W. Very flexible with my schedule, polite, knowledgeable, and overall a great player to play with on the rift. Definitely recommend!