Hi, my name is Bilal. I started playing COD BO2, I had over 2000 hours. Then CSGO, After 900 hours, I managed to get supreme and was competing in small EU tournaments. After breaking the 1000 hour wall. I moved to Battlegrounds. I started to learn Battle Royale, I approached it with tactical but aggressive plays. 250+ hours went by and I found myself being top 500 in SOLO. Fornite came out a month later and I was INSTANTLY hooked, I at least played for 4+ hours a day, grinding the wins. I started to challenge myself by doing SOLO vs SQUADS because I liked the action and it forces me to think tactically whilst I learned how to aim and build well. I started to grind SOLOS and DUOS to further adapt the range of play styles I can do. I can adapt to any play style and I am a good teacher because I am patient and friendly. I never get toxic if something doesn't go right and will always be constructive to help the player get more knowledgeable and overall more skill. I have 370+ wins with an overall K/D of

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