I am currently 20 years old,born and raised in Spain. I instantly raised divisions to where I currently am. Now, I like to share my knowledge with other League of Legends players and help them with climbing the rankings.Im playing league of legends since season 2 but for fun, now im tryharding to help you climb where you want. My peak was d1/master tier, I play mostly Jungle/Midlane/Top, I have completed around 150 boosts in the Bronze-Diamond range and that is pretty much all about me. Come and play with me, u will learn and improve a lot!

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If you want Jorge to be your booster, type 6544 when you choose the booster for your order

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clean and polite :))

Guy is insane top. 10/10


He is the best

I'm a little nervous about using this for the first time,but Jorge is a kind, patient and efficient booster. In a word,I'm very satisfied with this xD