Hi, I'm Ivan.

I am a reliable and communicative person, working in the boosting industry since 4 years! I mainly play R6S, started around 5 years ago. I was the captain of 3 teams, one of them won as many as 5 times! I have a lot of experience in the game and I'm able to finish every order up to Champion on time and with the highest quality I'm capable of.

I know how to communicate with customers and I'm open to answer all the questions you might have in regards of this game. I'm always being online and I will be able to chat with you at any time) At the moment I'm full time boosters as my main job. Currently I am one of the best players on console. I can work on PS4 and XBOX with my current setup. See you in game!

Apex legends soon
Call of Duty soon

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 87
Recent Orders: 3
Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (49 reviews)

If you want Ivan to be your booster, type 64918 when you choose the booster for your order

Ivan's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Anthony boosted by Ivan for 12 Wins in Platinum 2 Recent Order

Great job as always

Lukas boosted by Ivan for 6 matches Games on PlayStation 4 Recent Order

Realy Good Player. Fast delevery. Thank you so much

Anthony boosted by Ivan for 8 matches Games on PlayStation 4 Recent Order

Another Order Completed by the best booster see ya again soon buddy!

Anthony boosted by Ivan from Gold III to Diamond

Another great job :)

Marcel boosted by Ivan for 9 matches Games on PlayStation 4

Very fast placement matches. Thx and see you next time