Very competitive Rainbow Six Siege player love playing because it's like a complex game of chess so getting paid to help boost you is awesome for me. Keep it professional keep it real don't overthink it and you'll win every time. I also enjoy playing Destiny 2 every now in then casually now however. Was a big player back in the day during the first one was ranked 17th in the world at one point faced #1 in the world at the time and beat him so there is some nostalgia in it for me, although I must say Siege is my speciality.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2
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Austin was done so fast it was unbelievable he was also kind while messaging

This man is a professional machine, highly recommended is attentive, respectful, friendly but above all he did my job perfectly. I will return here the next season again.

Very good booster and pleased with results!!!

Very good booster and fast!!!

Great service will be coming back again