I am a League of Legends booster.
I have experience playing on multiple servers.
I know the best methods/roles to carry in each division/elo.
I also provide coaching sessions.

I am a jungle main, but can also play adc and mid.
I used to be an adc main and currently play mid as my secondary role.
My best jungle champions are Reksai, Karthus, Graves, Khazix, Xin.
Was ranked as the #1 Graves and Xin player on the JP server.
Was ranked as the top 5 best Karthus player on the NA server.
Was ranked the top 15 best Reksai, Sejuani, Nunu, and Maokai player on the NA server.
My best mid champions are Malzahar, Aurelion Sol, Morgana, Ahri, and Xerath.
My best adc champions are Miss Fortune, Sivir, Vayne, Caitlyn, Jhin, and Ashe.
Regardless of my best champions, I have a very wide champion pool.
I will complete orders as soon as possible and always be professional with you.

If you want an order completed quickly and with good scores, I am the right person.
Feel free to type code "61254" at

Boosts in: League of Legends
Orders Completed: 47
Recent Orders: 5
Last Active: Online
Rating: 4.9/5 (31 reviews)

If you want Tim to be your booster, type 61254 when you choose the booster for your order

Tim's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Mike boosted by Tim from Gold 2 to Gold 1 - 27/03/2020

Super nice guy. Super good player. Would 100% recommend mig and Jg.

Stephen boosted by Tim from Gold 4 to Gold 3 - 10/03/2020

Amazing karthus jungle I must say.

A boosted by Tim for 5 Games at Bronze 4 - 08/03/2020

Very fast and skilled person. It was smooth and he carried so hard. Also told me things I can do to improve, would recommend to everyone!

Darren boosted by Tim for 8 Games at Gold 1 - 02/03/2020

Tim was helpful and hard carried just about every game as we went 7-1. Great player and great booster. Can't recommend enough.

Andrew boosted by Tim from Silver 1 to Gold 3 - 01/03/2020

Tim did an amazing job! Would definitely recommend to anyone using this type of boosting service!!