Hello everyone my name is Gabriel, my peak elo is 500lp Na, i play lol since season 3,i like to play adc-mid but i can play all roles in this game, I am a great person who comes to work on this page because he has many personal problems, so I will do my best to give my best, and any questions or whatever, you can ask me, I will always be 100 % for you.
My English is not good but I know the basics and necessary, I am also learning Portuguese.
Thank you all for bothering to read and good luck in everything!
By this 2020 I plan to reach a challenger and after that work on page 24/7, I will also do personalized coaching (including duo) to anyone interested.

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If you want Gabriel to be your booster, type 60222 when you choose the booster for your order

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BB boosted by Gabriel from Any Gold to Diamond 4 Recent Order

Easy for this guy to climb. even if you duo he can carry no matter how difficult the game is. second time requesting from him and have to admit he's the best!

Dylan boosted by Gabriel for Wins

very good communication!

Mitchell boosted by Gabriel from level 3 to level 5

Amazing person! super fun and communicates super well.
10/10 will come back for help from this guy :3

Matt boosted by Gabriel from Gold 3 to Gold 1

Nice guy, and is a really good booster.

Kyong boosted by Gabriel from Gold 1 to Platinum 4