My name is Yukio
I only boost in Overwatch
The most time im online is on the weekend (like 17 hours per day but on sun. 10 hours)
During the week im mostly not online (but i think that will change in the near future) but when than only 2-4 hours
My best role is damage with heroes like ashe and mccree but i could also play everything else
As tank zarya and roadhog and as support ana, zen, moira, baptiste
I can stream the gameplay and duoq with you
When you like ashe and wanna her as a specific hero for the boost than you are exactly right here ;)
When you dont like to level your acc to level 25 than use just my code and i will do it for you
I can probably coach your ashe, so when ashe is your main or you just wanna get better (also with just positioning or know how for the game)
then pick me as a coach for you :)

Boosts in: Overwatch
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Rating: 4.8/5 (5 reviews)

If you want Yukio to be your booster, type 58922 when you choose the booster for your order

Yukio's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

A. boosted by Yukio for 5 matches - 18/03/2020

Fast and efficient, amazing hitscan skills!

mubarak boosted by Yukio from 2512 to 2561 - 16/11/2019

fast and very nice booster

Aaron boosted by Yukio for 5 matches - 15/11/2019

Awesome job, recommend this booster for everything. Amazing communication, friendly and very nice person. GET YUKIO

Mario boosted by Yukio for 5 matches - 10/11/2019

Was good and fast

Noah boosted by Yukio from 1948 to 2600 - 08/11/2019

Quick and helpful. Thank you!