My name is Nikita, I am from Russia. Student (second year, physics).
I have been playing Heroes of the Storm from Beta, more than three years.
I get Grand Master every season (My highest result is GM#2).
I have a big experience in boosting to any rank in Hots.
Generally, I play ranged DPS heroes. My mains are: Li Ming, Hanzo, Greymane, Valla, Jaina.
Also I played a lot some melee assasins like Zeratul, Alarak and others.
In leagues lower than GM I can play every role on decent level.
My winrate in leagues from Bronze to Diamond is more than 90 percents.
80% in Diamond and ~70% in Master.

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm
Orders Completed: 64
Recent Orders: 5
Last Active: 65 minutes ago
Rating: 5/5 (37 reviews)

If you want Nikita to be your booster, type 57198 when you choose the booster for your order

Nikita's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Bruno boosted by Nikita from Bronze 3 to Silver 2

Nikita was a pleasure to play with. I’ll surely miss those games!

Very available to play, and the order was completed in about 24h (would’ve been sooner if I had more availability).

Lebi boosted by Nikita from Gold 5 to Gold 1

Nice job

soul eater boosted by Nikita for 3 matches

All ok

Bub boosted by Nikita from Platinum 5 to Platinum 4

Nikita just rocks

Turgay boosted by Nikita from Silver 4 to Silver 1

Best player help me a lot from silver 4 to 1 everyone most buy when u need it work!!!