Hey my name is Moein, Im from middle east and i am a professional booster i have had alot of exprience on boosting,
my mmr is 7k and i can make an improvement of 125-300mmr a day depending what ur current rank is.My signature Heroes are
Phanotm lancer,Shadow fiend,Slark,Ember spirit,Earth spirit,Storm spirit ( yea i like spirits)and alot of other heroes i honestly love everything about dota its an awsome game.i dont get tired of this game and im happy playing it so Yeah thats about it.if u were intrested and if u wanted a fast and clean service, type 57190 when u choose the booster.peace:)

Boosts in: Dota 2
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If you want Moein to be your booster, type 57190 when you choose the booster for your order

Moein's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

David boosted by Moein from 3000 to 3400 - 18/09/2020

Very nice

Aasiyah boosted by Moein from 2540 to 2640 - 08/09/2020


KC boosted by Moein for 5 Wins - 02/08/2020

Once again Moein did my LP, Thank you a ton! Worth the price.

Bodhi coached by Moein for 2 hours - 19/07/2020

Moein is an amazing coach. He was very patient with my constant mistakes. Taught me the fundamentals of the game and did multiple replay analysis. On top of that, he spectated 2 games I played and told me where I made mistakes. It was a fascinating experience. Thank you Moein. Great experience.

bibo boosted by Moein for 5 Wins - 15/07/2020

Very fast and efficient.