I have been playing rainbow six siege for two years and have achieved good results. I played with almost all the professional European players in ranked and played go4 along with so many good players. Order a boost without fear for your account, because I am very famous in the cis rainbow six siege community. I live in Russia and have experience in other shooters as well. In the counter strike, pubg, etc.
The booster worked earlier in the rainbow and in DotA 2. I personally know the cool players cis. I will try my hand at boost and on this site, thanks for your attention.

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If you want Neky to be your booster, type 57018 when you choose the booster for your order

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Amazing and quick. also a nice guy

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thx for your boosting

Kyle boosted by Neky from Silver IV to Gold III - 03/12/2019

Great booster, got the job done very quickly.

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very good