My name Christian. i am an overwatch booster that has benn high top 500 in ps4/europe every season on multiple accounts. I started playing this game since season 1-2. I am to play on EU and NA servers , i will always starts your boost as soon as i get the order . I am so friendly
i can play every hero, but im best with: (tank) sigma.hog (dps) widow, ashe ,hanzo, solidier etc... (healer) lucio ,mercy, moira, ana this is my first time here and im promise to do the best

I am good person (im not lying) and im very good at this game

Boosts in: Overwatch
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If you want Christian to be your booster, type 56954 when you choose the booster for your order

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Kevin boosted by Christian from 2856 to 3000 - 24/11/2019


Kevin boosted by Christian from 2842 to 3000 - 03/11/2019

Friendly and quick boosting:)

aziz boosted by Christian from 3249 to 3400 - 21/10/2019

Fast and super friendly

steve boosted by Christian from 3177 to 3350 - 13/10/2019

Great games and i learned some tips on playing against masters and gm and top 500. Thanks

Will boosted by Christian from 2192 to 2452 - 10/10/2019

Great job! very fast and friendly