Hey, guys, I'm Taylor, I've played call of duty competitively for 4 years before transitioning to PC. I peaked 4k SR in Overwatch within 3 seasons, and it was my first PC game ever. I love FPS games, just have always had a passion as a result of playing call of duty as a teenager. Transitioned into Fortnite on release and just absolutely fell in love. Been playing ever since with an 11+ kd in squads and 9+ in solos/duos. I'm ranked 99.9th percentile in practically every statistic and play with several other extremely talented players ensuring that your squad k/d and w/r skyrocket after just a few orders. I am a student but have set aside a big window to complete orders so I'll almost always get to your order immediately. Feel free to message me anytime I'm really nice and enjoy making friends especially on Fortnite!!

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If you want Taylor to be your booster, type 5645 when you choose the booster for your order