Hi guys, I'm Igor.
I'm from Russia.
Playing Dota 2 since the 2012, with pauses more than 7 years now. I am engaged in boost almost 2 years. On the main account i have 6700 mmr.
I prefer to boost 0-4.5k accounts, i'm devoting to this 10+ games every day. My role is offlane. Signature hero is Brewmaster (2k+ games, top 50). Also i play Axe, Spirit Breaker, Night Stalker, Bounty Hunter, Undying, Tidehunter and Centaur warrunner In game often coorditate my team to increase the chance of victory. Always playing untill the end. Good luck and have a nice day.

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If you want Igor to be your booster, type 56194 when you choose the booster for your order

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John boosted by Igor for 4 Wins - 23/01/2020

Great service! Fast and easy to work with. I recommend!

SMURF4LP boosted by Igor for 3 Wins - 12/01/2020

quick and fast

Alex boosted by Igor for 3 Wins - 08/01/2020

gg ez

Eduard boosted by Igor for 3 Wins - 29/12/2019

5 stars

Grimgar boosted by Igor for 3 Wins - 16/12/2019

Really fast start and end