Hi. My name is Vlad, I've benn playing for more than 10 years, ive staarted from the good old warcraft3, played many tournaments, but could not reach high heights :( basically I like to play at position 4, my maximum rating were 7500 and stable 7000 (top 700 in Europe) I don’t get bored of the game at all, and I like it more and more with updates, that's why I playing it for 24 hours a day !!
My signature Heroes Eartn Spirit, Tuskar, Trent, Warlock
For victory, what is needed most is perfect concentration and strong nerves! I I hope after watching replays you will learn something and will play a little better than before=)

what is needed most is perfect concentration and strong nerves!

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Zorro boosted by Vlad from 2730 to 3300 - 21/02/2020

Friendly booster, did the job done very fast, thanks!

Johan boosted by Vlad from 470 to 2400 - 18/02/2020

Perfect execution. Was really aware of the smurf calculation to avoid getting banned. 5/5 to vlad!

Secret boosted by Vlad from 3640 to 3800 - 13/02/2020

Very good.

xD boosted by Vlad from 2870 to 3500 - 11/02/2020

Very fiendly and helpfull booster

Sectrt boosted by Vlad from 3290 to 3501 - 08/02/2020

Very fast and alot of diffrent roles. recomend