Hello everyone, I'm a long time player keeping up in high rank since season 1. Reached high GM multiple times on every role and specific heroes like Doom, Torb or Zaria. Used to play in couple of teams against T3/T2 players. Later I also picked up coaching, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in the meantime. I'm available almost 24/7 and I always finish my boosts after I pick them. Also I'll always keep in touch with you, so you know what's happening with your boost. Precise and reliable, those are the words that describe me perfectly!

Boosts in: Overwatch
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If you want Stefan to be your booster, type 54954 when you choose the booster for your order

Stefan's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

JF boosted by Stefan from 916 to 1500 - 19/11/2019

Boosted me to the level I needed to be at quickly!

Cameron coached by Stefan for 2 hours - 26/10/2019

Was vary help Full gave a lot of good tips Would 100% use again

Titi boosted by Stefan from 3325 to 3530 - 15/10/2019

Pretty nice booster, it's done very fast ! ♥

Beer12345 coached by Stefan for 2 hours - 22/09/2019

Stefan was very satisfactory, he contacted me the night before and had me make him some VODs for us to review. I think I learned more this way than I would have if I was duo queuing or in a custom game with a coach. Very thorough, almost frame by frame review of my game play and had a lot of advice and tips to offer. Even just two VOD's will probably net him enough information about your experience as a player to offer you all the tips needed to succeed at your intended hero/role. 11/10 coach, I would not order from someone other than Stefan.

David boosted by Stefan from 2855 to 3011 - 19/09/2019

quick and completed thank u