Overwatch player, that has been boosting for more than couple of years. Very experienced FPS player that has been playing FPS game since 2010. I started playing overwatch as support player then transitioned to DPS and played it for 1 year, after 1 year of playing dps i started to have wrist problems because my sensitivity is very high so i started playing Main tank, reached my peak as a main tank and as my wrist got alot better i transitioned to Offtank, so currently im an offtank player that is very experienced in every role.
I'm a very positive person :)

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If you want Nedas to be your booster, type 54514 when you choose the booster for your order

Nedas's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Beer12345 boosted by Nedas from 2827 to 3050 - 14/09/2019

I put my order in at 4 am, had Nedas sign in before 5am and then woke up and I was diamond in Overwatch. I didn't even ask and he exclusively played only my own main hero, and he didn't lose any matches so he must have a very diverse hero pool or be confident with Moira, specifically. I don't have shitty tank players making it hard to win anymore, and haven't lost a game since the boost. I was also able to watch his replays and learn a couple tricks with Moira, mostly the viability of using fade to gap close and eliminating the enemy carry using the 100dps from right click + damage orb. Using that trick I have secured only wins. Thank you Nedas!

Aiden boosted by Nedas from 2869 to 3008 - 11/09/2019

Started immediately and kept me up to date where they could. Would recommend!

Ace boosted by Nedas from 3083 to 3200 - 08/09/2019

Nedas made the entire process easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend him, he's an insane OW player. Thank you!