Hi, my name is jaidus and I am consistent top 500 overwatch player

In season 5 I peaked 4700 with tracer and season 12 I was rank #1 tracer on overbuff and top 50 on leaderboards

I've been boosting for overwatch since season 3 and I am more than confident I can complete any order in a timely manner

The past view seasons I've been top 100+ on several accounts and was rank 35 peak last season and rank 25 peak this season

With role q I've been top 500 all roles and high on combined leaderboards since it has been released.

When it comes to overwatch orders I can do anything ;)

Boosts in: Overwatch
Orders Completed: 23
Recent Orders: 0
Last Active: 27 days ago
Rating: 4.9/5 (8 reviews)

If you want Jaidus to be your booster, type 54478 when you choose the booster for your order

Jaidus's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Mitchell boosted by Jaidus from 1809 to 2200 - 18/05/2020

Very good booster did a very good job!

Bilaal boosted by Jaidus for 5 matches - 09/04/2020

It’s so great! Thank you for taking your time to finish my damage placement. 100% would recommend him to do your work!

J boosted by Jaidus from 3204 to 3304 - 18/03/2020

he's the champ, got it done quick very appreciated.

Ikechi boosted by Jaidus from 2009 to 3005 - 14/02/2020

WOW !!!!! I had Jaidus from a previous boost and i decided he was so good he could carry me from 2009 dps to diamond which indeed we did do !!! Grateful for his skills. Great booster. Many thanks :)

Ikechi boosted by Jaidus from 2524 to 3010 - 30/01/2020

Boosted me from 2524 to 3023... unbelievable player in tank and dps... kept his cool with me when I was making errors and gave me pointers on how to be a better player... got angry a few times with other players but I feel that’s because he wanted to achieve our goal quickly ( which we did) made himself available to play at a time which suited me ( which isn’t easy because we had different time zones) all in all... great booster. Thank you for your time and ability.