My name is Nikita. I'm 21 years old. I have 6835 mmr (top-770 EU) , boosting much then 2 years with 93% winrate. Playing dota since 2012 year. Also played in Defends of the Ancients in net cafe when i was a kid. My favorite heroes is Arc warden, leshrac, Lycan. Clinkz.
The most important thing is communication with the team. When i have my first steps in dota, i'm not playing rly good, just chilin on heroes like pudge and bounty hunter. But when i watch my first Esports match i understand i can do more then just an average dota player.

Boosts in: CoD Modern Warfare, Dota 2
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Al Bod boosted by Nikita from 3719 to 4300 - Three days ago

Amazing.. Excellent boost. Very fast and professional. Highly recommended.

anonymous boosted by Nikita from 3726 to 3870 - 21/01/2020

10/10 fast and only wins. best booster + nice guy

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Robin boosted by Nikita from 2689 to 3250 - 15/01/2020

Very fast and talented player.

anonymous boosted by Nikita from 3579 to 3761 - 15/01/2020

10/10 would do it again, nice guy, much time, only wins .