Hello! My name is Tristan. I am a Booster in Rocket League. I'm from Germany. I am Grand Champion in almost every playlist. I am Top10 in Standard and Solo Standard, Top100 in Doubles and I am also Top100 in every extra mode.

I can provide the following Boosts:
- Coaching (German/English)
- SoloQ/DuoQ/TrioQ Boost (I prefer SoloQ)
- Placement Matches Boost
- Seasonal Reward Boost

I can boost in the following modes:
- 2's
- 3's, Solo 3's
- Rumble, Snow Day
- Dropshot, Hoops

In Apex Legends I am an Apex Predator and I can boost in every Rank.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Rocket League
Orders Completed: 37
Recent Orders: 10
Last Active: 29 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (33 reviews)

If you want Tristan to be your booster, type 53542 when you choose the booster for your order

Tristan's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Walker boosted by Tristan from Gold I to Platinum I on XBox One - Two days ago


Chaz boosted by Tristan from Champion I to Champion II on XBox One - 15/11/2019

Highly efficient, recommend highly

Rhys boosted by Tristan from Platinum III to Diamond II on XBox One - 03/11/2019

Very fast and excellent service, thank you!

Harry coached by Tristan for 1 hour - 31/10/2019

really good boost can't fault it at all, great tips :D

Thomas boosted by Tristan from Diamond III to Champion I on XBox One - 29/10/2019

Dudes a beast